what i made for dinner :: caramelized leeks with roasted salmon fillets

caramelized leeks w/ roasted salmon fillets

salmon is one of the easiest main courses i prepare; it's pretty hard to screw up, it's quick, and both the kids like it. despite the positives, i do get a little bored with the pink stuff after awhile. a new recipe to the rescue!

in the march issue of cooking light there was an article about leeks, a vegetable i'm pretty fond of. and just the other day hubert keller described how to julienne leeks during an episode of his show (while he was cooking beef, lamb and pork baeckeoffe). let me tell you, the technique works great and i could've julienned leeks till the cows came home. [the technique :: wash and trim the leek of the green part and the root end; cut the leek to the length you want the julienne to be; stand the leek on one end; slice down from the top, with the tip of the knife reaching to the center of the leek; "unfurl" the leek and lay it flat (it should be a stack of rectangular leek leaves); julienne to your heart's content]

anyway, i digress. caramelizing the leeks takes a bit of time (20 minutes), but it's well worth it. the leeks were so sweet and gave the salmon a little oomph (taste and texture-wise). the recipe says the salmon fillets roast in 8 minutes. mine did not; in fact, it took three times as long. you'd think that since i cook salmon fairly regularly i'd know by now how long it takes to cook a piece of fish. my fillets were a bit larger than 6 ounces so that may have been part of the reason it took so long. i now know to throw the salmon in the oven at the same time as i start sauteeing the leeks. then it should all come together at the same time.

couscous and a green salad accompanied the meal.

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