what i made for dinner :: crispy noodle cake with barbecued pork

crispy noodle cake with barbecued pork
the other day i talked about my love for fatty meat. but my true love is noodles. if i see a noodle recipe i almost always want to try it.

i found this old (march 2004) bon appetit noodle article and found a few recipes that sounded good. the only one i've tried so far is the crispy noodle cake with barbecued pork. i found it to be pretty good and filling, despite the fact i overcooked the veggies a bit. try not to saute the veggies too long if you like a little bite to your carrots and peas (i used snap peas instead of snow peas). also, the recipe says to season with salt and pepper after the noodles and vegetables are combined. don't; it's got plenty of savory flavor without the additional salt.

this recipe is good because you could use a wide variety of vegetables (always something i'm looking for so the kids can get their daily dose of veggies). next time i will probably add more bean sprouts, red peppers, and some kind of mushroom.

with stuff i had left over in the fridge, i also made an egg drop soup with chicken and bok choy. i'm finding that the more i cook on a regular basis, the easier ideas come to mind about what to make even without a recipe. i have to say, my knife skills are getting better too.

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