what i made for dinner :: asian chicken salad with snap peas and bok choy

ground coriander + cilantro flatbread and asian chicken salad w/ snap peas + bok choy
this one is a keeper, but i probably won't make it again until it's hot outside. for a salad it takes some time to prepare (just poaching the chicken took 30 minutes) but you can make everything in advance and throw it all together in the evening for a really refreshing salad. the supermarket i was at today did not have baby bok choy, so i bought regular bok choy. since it's not as tender, i ended up poaching the bok choy for a short period of time (letting the stems poach directly in the liquid and keeping the leaf part out of the liquid).

actually, i had two hits today :: i also made ground coriander and cilantro flatbreads from the same issue of bon appetit (may 2008). they don't bake in the oven; they're panfried in olive oil (3 minutes each side). because of the baking soda and baking power they puff up thicker than you'd expect but they cook through in 6 minutes. the picture in the magazine shows "flat"bread but mine almost looked like crabcakes; i flattened out the second batch of dough more but they still puffed up pretty high. they're good though! (i didn't make the raita or the coriander oil to go with the flatbread but it's still tasty.)

(and, just so ian had something to eat, i made honey-mustard-sesame chicken legs for him. also yummy, but this is an old stand-by recipe.)

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