8 weeks.

maya @ 8 weeks :: december 30, 2005

  • she seems to be happier more often while she is alert. she'll make more cute noises when she's happy, which makes us happy.
  • we let her nap on her stomach (under strict supervision) because she sleeps better. i know, it's a BIG no-no but we just cannot have her sleeping on us constantly and she does need to sleep during the day.
  • her eyelashes continue to grow longer.
  • she can fit into bigger clothes (3~6 month size), and it appears she likes socks.
  • the play gym (i think that's what it's called; the mat with two arches over it with toys dangling down) keeps her occupied for a little while. she even reaches for some of the hanging toys. she can also grab and hold on to some of her other toys.
  • her hair isn't mohawk-like, it is a mohawk!
  • she likes it when you say, "choo, choo, choo!" to her (similar to the shooting sound a droideka makes in the star wars movies).
  • her night-time sleep schedule is getting better, which makes mama very happy and less tired.
  • she can be a tad two-faced: when we have guests or see relatives (for the holidays) she's a complete angel, sleeping forever and not making much of a fuss, but when we get home she lets all hell break loose.
  • continuing with her fondness for being upright, she enjoys it when you hold her so she can stand.
  • her fist is finding its way into her mouth with higher frequency and she sucks away until mama gets the hint and feeds her. we tried the pacifier last week and she didn't like it at all; it made her mad when she kept sucking but no milk was coming out!
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    grudge girl said...


    You should probably get used to that two-faced scenario. Yeah.

    Baby mohawks rock!

    She is absolutely adorable. I'm so glad you're getting more rest now.