6.333 months

we went in for maya's 6-month well-baby visit and i guess she's growing ...

weight: 14 pounds 7 ounces (25th %ile); + 10oz since 4.3.06
height: 25.5 inches (50th %ile); + 1" since 4.3.06
head circumference: 41.5 centimeters (25-50th %ile); +0.5cm since

the doctor said she was on track with her developmental milestones and she totally okayed the ferber-my-way thing i'm doing to get maya to sleep through the night.

no more appointments for 3 months, and no immunization shots until her first birthday. yea!


allison said...

yay! congratulations, another milestone reached, and more (as in bigger) maya to love. ha, i thought after the 6-month checkup there'd be no more needles to deal with for awhile, but at his 9-month visit, devin got the anemia test (finger prick) and TB test (yep, a needle). both were accompanied by a lot of screaming and whining, but NOT of the subsequent drowsiness and lots of sleeping typically following the immunizations!

Steliza said...

Oh, if only Maya could realize how lucky she is for the vacation on shots for awhile. I bet she would be one dancing baby if she could comprehend that news. Great check up Maya...keep up the growing and milestone accomplishments!