wanted :: stuffed pasta recipe by natalie portman lookalike

as i've mentioned in several postings, i love to eat. and, on occassion, i like to cook. the two together means that i watch a lot of food network.

a little while ago, on everyday italian, giada was making stuffed pastas. for some reason they appealed to me and i made a mental note that i should try them. on sunday i made the stuffed manicotti. i have to say they came out pretty yummy and they weren't difficult to make.

instead of beef, though, i used ground pork because i tend to think that ground pork has more flavor. and i took the advice of one of the reviewers and put the filling in a ziploc bag, cut off a corner, and piped the filling into the manicotti. a little messy, but super easy. i had extra filling so i just added it on top of the manicotti; with the extra sauce and cheese it wasn't dry at all.

rupert liked it (ian not so much -- surprise, surprise) and said it was a good alternative to lasagna. and it makes a lot of food, which is great for a casual dinner party or for leftovers. (the picture above is not particularly appetizing but it's what i had for lunch the next day.)

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