week 29.

maya @ 29 weeks :: may 26, 2006
  • she actually shared ... well, at least, it seemed like she was sharing. she was chewing on her doll and when i opened my mouth to see what she would do, she actually put the doll in my mouth.
  • she imitates me ... well, at least, it seemed like she was imitating. (notice a pattern here?) i was banging on some toys with a little wood mallet, and after i handed it to her she did the same exact thing but a little less coordinated-ly.
  • i managed to get a full night of (almost) continuous sleep on monday. i went to bed at 8:30, ignored maya waking up twice, and woke up to feed her around 5. too bad we haven't repeated that.
  • boy howdy, does she like to eat. she easily finishes off a jar of food, munches on japanese baby rice crackers, and continues to gulp down breastmilk. she's getting really good at feeding herself the crackers, and if you don't restrain her she grabs for the spoon to shove it into her mouth (pretty accurately). this week her new foods were bananas and applesauce. the food is also making her poops more solid ... and stinky!
  • i think she is particularly pleased that her brother is finally starting to pay more attention to her.

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allison said...

cute hat! so glad to hear you got some sleep finally. :-)