week 28.

maya @ 28 weeks :: may 19, 2006
  • more teeth! she now has four top teeth and two bottom teeth.
  • we're on our way to stopping nighttime feedings -- hurrah! depending on the night she's down to zero or one feeding; on zero feeding nights she'll still wake up once but we can get her back to sleep without taking her out of the crib.
  • eating more baby food (peas, peaches, sweet potatoes) and lovin' it.
  • she'll pivot on her tummy to change directions, and then try to squirm around like a caterpillar.
  • is finally starting to enjoy the swings at the park.
  • blowing in her face makes her smile ... and it also gets her long bangs out of her eyes!
  • makes funny talking noises -- sometimes they're high-pitched squeals, other times she sounds like a cat in heat (i know, it's weird).
  • she's totally getting that if she drops something mommy will pick it up ... over and over and over again.
  • starting to get suspicious of strangers or people she doesn't see very often.
  • she's more ticklish. besides her tummy and feet, her back is ticklish: if you run your finger (or, in rupert's case, his nose) along her spine she almost flips over backwards .
  • nothing new, but she likes to: sit up on her own, play with her brother, try to grab the tv remote out of your hands, play bouncy when you stand her up, pull and chew on the strings from rupert's sweatshirt, try to eat your fingers if they come anywhere near her mouth

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allison said...

that's AWESOME to hear, yukari! great job with weaning off the nighttime feeds. sounds like "ferber yer way" is working...YAY!