week 27.

maya @ 27 weeks :: may 12, 2006
  • blowing raspberries; i think she's late doing this, but i'm glad she is because it's so darn funny and cute.
  • had baby food carrots for the first time on may 7. she had a funny look on her face for the first few bites but she kept eating -- that's my girl!
  • her top left tooth is in, and another one is breaking through her gums (skip over the top right tooth and it's the one next to it).
  • i have been extremely exhausted all week and my sleep schedule is totally off due to jet lag and just being tired for six months. i finally decided that i am going to slowly and gradually start "ferberizing" her in my own way. (i haven't read the book so i'm not totally knowledgeable about the method.) instead of feeding her at night i've been holding her and comforting her back to sleep. in the last two nights we've gone from three feedings down to one. granted, she cried for quite awhile when i denied her her 4am feeding this morning, but she eventually went back to sleep.

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