week 26.

maya @ 26 weeks :: may 5, 2006
  • grandmother-daughter-granddaughter week in kobe, japan.
  • seems to like middle-aged men. it's very weird but she's all smiles when she sees my uncle, and is very interested in seeing older men. (ian, on the other hand, went through a phase of disliking men.)
  • met her biological maternal grandfather who lives in osaka.
  • discovering more body parts: beginning to stick her tongue out more, especially if you do it first she'll copy you; besides grabbing her feet and pulling off her socks, she occasionally takes a taste of her toes.
  • bouncy bouncy time -- when she sits straddling your thigh she will bounce up and down with her feet. we call her 'the little cowgirl.'
  • her top left tooth is coming in. it also looks like three more top teeth might come in soon (her gums are swollen and there are white teeth-like areas). she also grinds her teeth a little, which makes rupert cringe.
  • tried different foods while we were in japan: vegetable broth, corn potage, rice porridge, baby rice crackers, japanese barley tea
  • got over her jet lag pretty quickly (2 nights). i guess it helps that she doesn't sleep much to begin with.
  • reached her half birthday (may 4).


allison said...

happy half birthday, little cowgirl!

allison said...

her toes look so delicious, too! :-)

Steliza said...

Maya, enjoy all the days you can actually reach those toes, because they won't last! Glad your trip to Japan went well and you had safe travels!