i did go to japan, i swear

i've been meaning to post about our trip to japan, but i have been jet-lagged pretty much all week and i haven't had the energy to write anything. there are some pictures from the trip over at my flickr account, but they're mostly of the people we saw. we didn't spend much time being touristy, so i don't have a lot of landscape photos, but i'll post what i have when i get a chance.

i've also been meaning to work on my travel scrapbook, inspired by ali edwards's scrapbook-on-the-road from the march issue of creating keepsakes magazine. then i got this fabulous book in japan called "skurappu chou no tsukuri kata" (how to make a scrap notebook), which had a section on travel scrapbooks that tied in really well with ali's idea. and if that weren't enough to inspire me to make this darn scrapbook, tania had this link on her blog. i have all the materials to put the album together ... now i just gotta hunker down and do it.

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Steliza said...

Go get 'em Yukari! I love the idea of scrapbooking on the road too, especially since you would capture more of your thoughts and memories this way and I might actually finish an album this way. You know my D.C. trip five years or more ago...still not done and my second D.C. trip has never been started and neither has Seattle or Texas...yikes!