i am so happy! i am so happy! [insert jig here]

rupert has spoiled me once again. we finally got adobe photoshop elements to replace our ("borrowed") copy of regular ol' photoshop that we had to stop using when our old computer died. sure, photoshop cs2 woulda been nice, but honestly, i could never learn how to use all of the features and it costs a whopping $650! don't need it that bad.

so why am i so excited about photoshop? because. okay, that's not a good reason. the first reason is because i'm getting a dslr camera for my 30th birthday and i want to have good photo editing software. we've been using picasa for a little while now, which isn't bad, but it's not great. and with my invitation designs (my side "business") i like to have software that can do a bit more than ms word.

elements seems to be a bit more user-friendly since it's geared more towards the home market as opposed to professionals. but it also has features similar to what cs2 can do, so i'm sure i can manipulate photos for my scrapbooking.

and, hey, did you notice i made a new banner? yup, i used elements for that! (the graphics are from two peas in a bucket -- free download -- by rhonna farrer.)


allison said...

VERY COOL banner! yucaree got a new toy! can't wait to see all the cool new stuff you'll produce. and i'd like to see the little happy jig, too.

Steliza said...

Oooh! You are a quick study and love the results! I have had the same program for three months and trust me, nothing as pretty or amazing has been made...let alone me being able to figure out banners and such. You are one cool, happy and smart chick!

hobokener said...

when are you getting your dslr? it's a whole new world, i tell you.