33 weeks.

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well, i'm down to 7 more weeks before unleashing this child into the world. things are getting a bit more uncomfortable:

my stomach sticks out more. i appear to be carrying more in the front than all around my hips and butt. JR attributes this to being my second pregnancy and my hips have already done all the expanding they needed to do during pregnancy #1. others have said it's because it's a girl this time.

bending over is out of the question, which means i can't: put on real shoes; cut my toenails; wipe very well after going potty; pick up things off the floor; get into the car very well.

i waddle.

i'm constantly pulling up my pants. what is up with these newer under-the-belly maternity pants?! slowly but surely they start falling down. the old-school maternity pants with the stretchy panel across the entire belly always stayed up, even if they looked funky. now i always feel like i'm exposing my butt crack to the entire world.

either i sleep too much or i can't sleep at all. some nights/days i'm so tired i'll get lots of sleep. other nights i get up at odd hours, tossing and turning, having to go pee, or battling a raging runny nose.

my nose is always congested. every night poor JR has to suffer the resulting snoring and/or sneezing/nose blowing.

braxton-hicks contractions are a part of everyday life. my lower stomach tightens up at least 2 or 3 times a day. and my pelvic bone always hurts (this isn't a new development, though).

but according to my online pregnancy calendar the baby should start moving less in my stomach because she's getting bigger and has less room to move around. so far she has shown absolutely no sign of calming down. great.


IdentityMIA said...

Good luck with the baby. I, luckily, didn't hardly show when I was pregnant.

hobokener said...

Oy vey. It's no picnic being pregnant. The important thing is to share the misery with JR since being unconfortable alone is no fun at all!

New Teach said...

i am also deep in the throes of the third trimester - about ten days behind you. three major morning ordeals - putting on underwear, pants, and shoes. who knew it got so hard to bend down. and i almost forgot - getting out of bed in the first place. one solution to the belly exposure - my parents found something in england called a 'belly button' which is basically a stretchy fabric band that goes around your 'waist' - that is, where we used to have waists - and covers up the lovely butt crack region. sort of a transferable full belly panel.

i'm so big people keep asking if i'm due any day, and when i tell them i have almost 9 weeks left, they invariably say, are you sure there aren't two in there. oh, that's clever. haven't heard that one before.

one bright spot - i'm not having to ask for seats on the subway before. i think people are afraid i'll give birth then and there underneath the hudson river.

yucaree said...

although it's an amazing thing being pregnant and imagining (and feeling) our child growing inside of me, it can be quite the ordeal some days. like new teach says, it's a struggle just to get out of bed in the morning! and putting on underwear and pants? not only is it hard to bend over, but my hip sockets are already loosening up, so standing on my right leg feels like it's going to pop out of the socket. the things we women go through to sire your offspring!

new teach: the few times i rode the bus in west LA during my first pregnancy it took a long while before anyone would get up to offer me their seat ... and, even then, it was either an elderly person or an older woman. forget the ucla bus -- all those young, NON-PREGNANT students didn't even blink as i struggled to stand, 8 months pregnant, with a huge box of in 'n out burgers!

grudge girl said...

I HATE those stupid low-rise maternity pants with the HUGE wide elastic band that squeezes. Blech! SO uncomfortable.

And those stupid bus students! I have a falling doughnuts/no help for pregnant lady story I could share but it's still too painful.

Do you ever get pedicures? My husband got me a gift certificate for a really chi chi dayspa, that I split up and used to get, like, 6 pedicures throughout my pregnancy. It was SOOOO dreamy. And the foot rubbing. Heaven. I even took my small boy with me sometimes. He was very good and amusingly curious. You should try it if you don't already. It rules.

yucaree said...

i've never gotten a pedicure, so as we were passing a nail salon on a walk, i mentioned to JR that maybe i should get one before my due date since i can't cut my own toe nails and i don't want to subject the nurses and ob to ugly, stinky toes during the delivery. he didn't poopoo the idea, so maybe i will get one. in fact, i have a gift certificate from 3 years ago to a spa that i really should use. thanks for the great idea, grudge girl!