so annoying

it started raining late last night with thunder and lightning. i don't think we've seen moisture since the january rains. living in a pretty dry place, rain can be a bit annoying, no matter how small the rainfall. it's funny 'cause i used to live in a place where it would rain non stop for weeks on end. and not just wimpy drizzling rain, but torrential downpours. living like that i got used to constantly being drenched and the waterproof stuff wearing off of my umbrella. but now ... now it seems like such a hassle to walk the 2 minutes to the boy's school in a drizzle.

what's more annoying is that people in los angeles just don't know how to drive in the rain. i don't know if you can even call it "rain" -- they don't know how to drive when the ground is even slightly wet! i live on a fairly busy intersection of our residential neighborhood and all morning long i've been listening to people's tires slipping on the road. coming home from the supermarket i saw a lady (in a suv -- surprise!) totally drive into the hedges of the median while trying to turn a corner. do these people not know to slow down when the road's slick?!

i'm sure if i turn the news on they'll have "storm watch '05" going all day long. ha! storm?? talk about la people being drama queens!

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