back to school

september has always meant the start of school for me. this year is a bit special because the boy started kindergarten (as you already know), which means it's my first year not as a student, but as a parent in the public school system.

the last three septembers i started in different capacities as a staff member at a local elementary school, which gave me a totally new and different perspective on school life. i expect this year to be a similar experience.

so, this morning, i headed off to the boy's classroom to volunteer. the moment i stepped into the classroom i could feel myself switching into "teacher mode." i'm not sure if that's good or bad yet. i'm not nervous around the kids -- i definitely know how to hold myself as an authoritative, but comforting, figure (because i'm an elementary substitute teacher). and i must say that i'm an efficient volunteer (from my experience being an instructional assistant). i'm just afraid that i'll step out of line and do something too "teacher-ish." not taking over the class, by any means, but doing something that's always worked for me, but may not be the way the teacher does it. so i have to watch myself.

i thoroughly enjoyed being in the classroom again -- more than i thought i would, in fact -- and seeing all of those excited and eager little faces i couldn't help but smile myself. and i love seeing my little guy do so well in class: his handwriting is neat, he sits quietly, answers questions, and really understood the point the teacher (mrs. R) was trying to make after reading a book. clearly, my boy is smart, but i'm gonna go ahead and give myself a pat on the back, too! anyhoo, i could go on and on about how great my kid is, but i won't bore you with the details. instead, please enjoy some art by the boy who absolutely loves little birds/chicks/ducklings. (peckie is the blue one on the left, and robin red is the one on the right.)

a little story from school today: i stepped out of the classroom during recess to go to the office. the class returned before i did and were wondering where i had gone. the boy proceeds to tell his teacher, "mrs. R, my mom's pregnant so she has to go to the bathroom A LOT!" thanks for sharing, little buddy!

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hobokener said...

What a funny story that you finished with! That's awesome. I guess you have to be careful what you tell the Kid!

Congrats on the wonderful bird pictures. Obviously you've got a renaissance man on your hands - artist, mathematician, scholar.

I've been hoping that JSC likes ducks since I do, too. So we're putting lots of ducks in her room on the hopes that it wears off on her.