to do lists

JR loves to make to do lists, usually on the weekends. for me, the weekend is a time to really not do anything at all, so i never had a use for a list. and, up until now, i didn't do much around the house anyway so i never made a to do list for the weekdays either.

but since i started thinking about decluttering and becoming more organized, i started keeping a to do list on my desk. it's starting to grow on me -- write the list in blue, check off in red, write the list in blue, check off in red. i'm beginning to understand the thrill JR feels when he gets to check something off his list.

but is it considered cheating if i do something first, then write it on the list and check it off? it makes me feel like i've accomplished more if i have more red checkmarks, especially on those days when i haven't actually done anything on the list.


grudge girl said...

I see you're about 2 months in, just as I am, though you're much more computer savvy. I know the one legitimate comment I got gave me a minor thrill, so I just thought I'd tell you that I love your writing, and from what I can see so far, I get you. From one perfectionist to another - excellent work. Very enjoyable. And I mean that in a totally unstalkerish manner, I promise.

yucaree said...

grudge girl,

thanks for the really nice comment -- it made my day. i'm still getting used to writing honestly for an open audience, but i keep reminding myself that this blog is also for me to look back on in the future.

thanks for reading!

hobokener said...

I write things on my to do list and immediately cross them off all the time. whatever make you feel good!