so bizarre it's funny

just had to share this site selling, of all things, beads shaped like odd little fetuses. JR thought it was kinda religious-righty, but the site said it was just 'cause the people thought fetuses were cute (and they're expecting their first baby). apparently a lot of people in texas buy these things. i'm partial to the simpson's pack.


hobokener said...

weird. strikes me as kind of right wing nut jobby too.

grudge girl said...

Ha! I don't know, though. Wouldn't it be too irreverent to do the feti up like the Simpsons? Right wingers hate that show, at least out here in Indiana. Too much gay innuendo, and sexual innuendo, and... innuendo. I just can't see the right wing nut jobbies making light of the blessed feti.

Maybe they're just plain old, original flavor nut jobbies?

Also: I always thought fetuses were sort of creepy looking. In that "Communion," alien-abduction sort of a way. So that site scared me just a little.