what the little guy is up to

the boy has a week between yesterday (the last day of preschool) and his first day of kindergarten. he is, of course, spending that week at home with me. i have nothing planned for him at the moment so we're just kicking it without the tv on. <-- key point because, otherwise, we could spend the whole day vegging in front of the tube.

as i sit here in the office writing this, the boy is in the living room entertaining himself out loud. at first, he was making up rhyming words -- one of his favorite alone-time activities after doing math problems (seriously) -- but now he's acting out some sort of story he's made up. it's always a hoot to secretly listen in on him while he's in make-believe-land. a small snippet of his story went like this:
guy 1: knock, knock
guy 2: who is it?
guy 1: it's tony hawk
guy 2: tony hawk?! i totally love you! [as in: you're the best!]

and then he proceeded to fling himself around on the couch as if he were skateboarding and crashing.

that was followed by this:

guy 1: let's bake betty crockers.
guy 2: i thought you didn't like betty crockers.
guy 1: that doesn't mean i don't know how to bake betty crockers.

where does he come up with this stuff?!

i gotta hand it to him, though, he's very good at entertaining himself. it's from years of training (i.e., neglect) by me, i guess. but, as a good enough parent, let me explain: it's quite important that parents realize children do not need constant stimulation and entertaining by their parents. not only is it crucial that kids learn to keep themselves occupied, but it's important for parents to not kill themselves trying to come up with more ways to stimulate and "smarten up" their kids. sometimes kids just need to be kids and do the crazy things they do.


Northern_Girl said...

I agree - and the Tony Hawk Knock-knock? Cool.

hobokener said...

IR has got to be on the of the cutest kids in the world. I think you might have a future dork on your hands - doing math problems with his free time!