i'm back ...

not that i went anywhere! the last few days i've been preoccupied with the book fair at the boy's school. i volunteered to work on it during the summer, but it turns out i guess i volunteered to organize it. now, i'm not new to the book fair world -- not only was it my favoritest (yes, i know that's not a word) event in elementary school, but i've worked on a few incredible (very involved) book fairs at the school i used to work at.

the boy's book fair, in contrast, is basically taken care of by scholastic, inc. and all i had to do was get some volunteers and advertise the event. but having never done a scholastic book fair and being new to the school i was a little lost. but with some great help (thanks barbara!) and a few sleepless nights just worrying about it, the event was pretty successful (we made more money than the last book fair -- something i was extremely worried about accomplishing) and i managed to implement a couple of new things. so, i feel i've done my share of pta volunteering for at least the first half of the school year. yea!

unfortunately, while i worked on the book fair, i managed to neglect all of the housework and the kitchen has, once again, fallen into a state of disrepair. i just don't understand why i can't, at least, manage to do the dishes everyday. well, actually, i know the answer to that mystery: my pregnant stomach does not allow me to comfortably stand in front of the sink without straining my back. yesterday my doctor said i should delegate that task to someone else, which made me very happy. one less thing for me to do!

instead of doing dishes i should be doing something else ... what should i do? i think i'll spend the rest of the afternoon thinking about it and taking a nap. sounds good to me!


grudge girl said...

Yay book fair! What did you get?

hobokener said...

I highly highly recommend the Hobokener/New Teach solution to hating doing the dishes - eat on paper plates with plastic utensils. Honestly, works like a charm, no/very few dishes to do. Usually people resist this idea, but once they try it it's hard to go back to regular plates!

yucaree said...

grudge girl: i can't say that i got "quality" books for the boy at this book fair. he was more interested in getting the pokemon and bionicle books, but we also got a couple of picture books and a dk leveled reader on snakes. the boy is *really* into the dk eyewitness series, which we get at the library, but they also have a similar series for beginning readers.

yucaree said...

hobokener: i do not resist this solution of yours ... JR does! i wouldn't mind at all (except for the wasting paper and plastic part) but JR won't let me. i have, however, started using the dishwasher a lot more lately, which makes for less standing and less back pain. i now only have to spend 5~10 minutes standing sideways in front of the sink!

grudge girl said...

Yucaree - it is just getting eerier and eerier how much your boy and Ethan are alike. Not only is he a Star Wars afficionado, he is also very much the non-fiction, dk guy.

He went through a weird Titanic phase, starting at the age of 3, to the extent that we all started wondering if he was a reincarnated victim, or something. So we have EVERY Titanic book ever written.

Then it was natural disasters like tornados, earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, and the like.

There was a short shark phase.

Pokemon also.

Back when I was wracking my brain trying to find some fiction that would interest him, the only thing that worked was that Magic Tree House series.

HEE! This must be a very specific, previously undocumented type of boy. We are so lucky to be entrusted with them!

yucaree said...

grudge girl: the boy is so into the dk series. he's been into mummies, dinosaurs, animals, hurricanes & tornados, and now, world war I. i was hesitant to let him look at that one, but it was a great way to talk to him about how horrible war is and what an awful, uncool thing it must be to be a soldier and your job is to kill people. he seemed to get it. in fact, it led to a discussion on gang wars in urban areas and how sad it is that young poor children have to resort to joining gangs.

i also try to read picture books to him, but lately he seems to be more interested in non-fiction and, on occasion, reading chapter books with me ("charlie and the chocolate factory," "mr. popper's penguins"). he will probably get into the magic tree house series as well. i do have some captain underpants books, but i'll only pull those out if i get desperate! (have you read any of the "timewarp trio" books?)