it's happening!

there was a period when i stopped "working on" the baby's room, which is currently the craft room/office. i just couldn't give up my craft room, which JR and my best friend JL redecorated for me last summer for my birthday a la "while you were out." all of my stuff is in this room -- it's my haven and where i go to relax and get away from everyone and everything. it's my room. but everything has to be moved out -- either to the living room or the garage -- and i'm having a difficult time letting go.

this last weekend JR cleared out more space in the garage to start setting up my new craft area. i don't want to be in the garage, but i have so much stuff there's really no other alternative (short of buying a new house with an extra bedroom). i also started moving some of my scrapbooking stuff into the living room area. my craft room is coming apart.

the picture shows just one corner of the incredibly messy room in its current state. there used to be a big desk between the overflowing table and bookshelves under the window. the brackets on the wall once held yellow shelves with a light green pegboard underneath. and that's just a few of the big things that have been moved out of the craft room. there's still so much more that needs to be done.

it makes me sad walking into the room as it is now. i don't know what to do with myself when i come in here. it used to be that i'd come in and plop myself down at my desk, whether to craft or read. i can't do that anymore and it makes me sad.

i should be incredibly excited and happy about creating a space for my daughter but, honestly, i haven't yet reached that emotional point yet. am i a selfish mother? probably. but that's the honest truth right now. we'll have to see how things change as we finish moving things out and really start redecorating.


grudge girl said...

Oh my gosh! Look at all your stuff! I'm so jealous. It looks like fun up in there. I want to poke around and look at everything. That picture makes my fingers itch.

I don't blame you a bit for feeling regretful and maybe a little resentful in giving up that space! I've never had a space like that for my own self, so I can only imagine what it must be like.

Is the garage workable? At least it'll still be a place where you can go and shut the door.

And I'm sure once it's cleared out you'll enjoy engaging your creative impulses planning your daughter's new room. I know I got more into it than I would've predicted, and I discovered more about myself in the process. Like what kind of stuff I consider feminine, and important in a child's environment. I bet you'll be really proud of yourself when you're all finished with it, because it will come out of you, as a mom, a girl, and a teacher, cheesy as that sounds.

Side note: are those shelves under the windows filled with Manga? I was at the bookstore at Butler University, where Ethan goes for Children's choir, and they have a Manga section, and I started picking them up and immediately got interested. I have been a comics reader in the past, so it's not that big a leap. But I wanted to ask you for recommendations, because I noticed that interest on your profile. What's good?

hobokener said...

Be careful with your headlines! When I saw that headline I thought you had gone into early labor. glad that you're still holding the baby in.

yucaree said...
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yucaree said...

hobokener: i'm sorry, i didn't mean to make it sound like the baby was coming! i didn't even think about that when i wrote the headline. but if i really do go into labor and i don't have to rush to the hospital, i'll make sure to post that i'm on my way to give birth!

yucaree said...

grudge girl: i was really lucky to have had the craft room all to myself. when we first moved into the house it was "our office," but within a matter of months it turned into "my room" and has stayed that way for over 3 years.

the garage is not bad, just a little inconvenient (because it's not connected to the house), but because of that it may prevent me from spending the entire day in there. and i'm sure JR will like that!

i have been thinking about how to decorate the girl's room. i'm leaning towards light green with a chickie theme. hopefully i'll be able to post some pics when i'm done with the room ... in the not-so-distant future.

and, yes, those are all manga in the bookshelves. i'm a huge manga reader (in japanese); at one point i had over 2,000 comics. but, because of lack of space, i've had to sell a lot of them off. right now i'm into "holic" by clamp, anything by ai yazawa (i think both "paradise kiss" and "nana" are translated into english), and a bunch of other stuff that may not be translated yet. what have you read? if there's a certain genre you like i may be able to make better recommendations. (i'm more into the girl manga than the boys' stuff.)