4 weeks.

maya @ 4 weeks :: december 2, 2005

  • started wearing size 1 diapers
  • i think the caffeine i drank last week made her disagreeable (to put it mildly)
  • her fingernails grow in quick and sharp; she scratches her face and makes herself scream
  • she likes to go on walks
  • her fist is finding its way into her mouth more often
  • her hair sticks up in a mohawk-y sort of way
  • she's starting to smile more ... although i'm skeptical they're real smiles
unofficial weight [(my weight + maya's weight) - my weight] as of 12.07.05: 9.4 pounds
can that be right? it seems awfully heavy ...

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hobokener said...

Size 1 diapers - JSC was wearing those the day she came out of the womb! I guess I'm still surprised at how big she is.