not exactly a white christmas

i think the reason why i'm so startled that the holidays are already just a few days off is because of the unseasonable weather. the last two days the temperature has reached 80 degrees! today is the first official day of winter and it's as hot as it is during the summer. what's up with that?! no wonder i don't feel like it's time to start wrapping presents in wrapping paper with snowflakes, reindeer, snowmen and dreidels on them.

today i went to costco to pick up our holiday cards because i've been putting it off, and also because i truly didn't realize how close to the holidays we really were. i decided to pick up a few things as long as i was there, and because it was so hot i totally broke out into a sweat just trying to load up the car. again, it just doesn't seem right that it's this warm.

but my thoughts go out to those of you who are getting too much of a white christmas. i know how troublesome it can be to have too much snow. but at least it's picturesque from the inside of your house and it feels right to be wearing a sweater at your christmas/hanukkah dinner instead of a t-shirt and shorts!

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