5 weeks.

maya @ 5 weeks :: december 9, 2005
  • tapping her on the back calms her down immediately
  • loves to poop while she eats
  • sleeping better at night
  • doesn't like spicy breastmilk (i.e., korean kochujyan flavor)
  • first restaurant outing (aforementioned korean food) 12.04.05

    [i also managed to lock us out of the house today -- right after reading that new teach did it too. thank goodness both kids were outside and my in-laws were around to keep us company while we waited for the locksmith. but, gosh, i felt stupid!]


grudge girl said...

I absolutely cannot believe how quickly she's growing! That idea of photographing her with the chicky was genius.

She's SO cute! HEE!!!

hobokener said...

Does she make funny faces while she poops? JSC does that and it cracks us up.

grudge girl said...

I keep looking at this picture, wondering if you're okay, and wanting to squeeze that delicious baby and smell her hair. She is so precious.

How are you doing?

marygrace said...

Is that a chick pillow?? I am loving that chick pillow. I must have one. :)

yucaree said...

she *is* getting bigger and heavier. i have no idea how heavy she is right now, but i can feel that she's much bulkier. and there's no denyin' her chins are expanding.

hobokener: since reading your comment i've been watching her while she poops and i don't think she makes funny faces ... probably because she has a nipple in her mouth while she's going.

maria grace: the chick pillow was made by lily's rooster. isn't it cute? i just had to have it too!