how do you teach a kid to control his farts?

ian is a gassy kid. it's one of those things he inherited from both JR and me, unfortunately. so i taught him at a fairly young age to say "excuse me" after farting. you know, if he's gotta toot-toot, at least he can have good manners. however, since he is so gassy, you can often hear him whispering a barrage of "excuse me, excuse me, excuse me, excuse me, excuse me" when he's really on a roll.

lately, he's been farting uncontrollably, usually on the couch right near someone's face. frankly, it's annoying (and stinky). the other night i got so annoyed with his constant farting (even though i know he can't control it) that i told him he needed to go away to pass gas because no one enjoys smelling someone else's farts.

since then ian has been jumping up out of the blue and running to the other side of the living room to fart. and he will do this over and over again throughout the evening.

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hobokener said...

Just more reason to say that Ian is the cutest kid in the entire world.