7 weeks.

maya @ 7 weeks :: december 23, 2005

  • we finally pulled out the baby swing and it seems to keep her quiet for 15 minutes, tops. she likes to stare up at the swinging arm part and listen to the motor.
  • she's sleeping longer at night (3~4 hour stretches), with shorter feedings in between.
  • she and i continue to co-sleep in her room (not exactly the most ideal set-up) and i've found that she likes to sleep on her side right next to me if she's not on top of me.
  • she can sleep on her back sometimes (especially in the futon we share) and she's even napped in her own crib on her back for about 15~20 minutes.
  • i can get her to doze off or be quiet by taking her into the bathroom with me while i shower. the sound of the water and the fan seem to soothe her.
  • the front-loading carrier has become my new best friend while i shop. she seems to like it more than the stroller. it has been very helpful while i try to do some last minute holiday shopping (except when i'm trying to load up a huge package of water bottles at costco into my cart).
  • she smiles quite a bit now, especially when you smile at her or make funny faces and sounds. it's quite darling.
  • she needs to be in constant motion or she throws a fit.
  • when she's content sometimes she makes pleasant cooing sounds. take note, maya, we like cooing!
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    grudge girl said...

    Oh my gosh! SOOOO cute! Hee! That smile!

    Merry Christmas Maya!