week 25.

[no picture with chicky this week because we were in japan]
maya @ 25 weeks :: april 28, 2006
  • can mimic people. when rupert was playing with her and doing a pretend cough, she would do a pretend cough and start laughing.
  • her big brother continues to be her favorite person. she can be totally cranky and fussy but when he starts playing with her (briefly) she'll change her mood 180 degrees. not even rupert or i can accomplish this feat.
  • she bites and bites and bites. perhaps she's teething? i'm almost contemplating stopping the breastfeeding because it hurts so much. but it just may be that she's latched on incorrectly.
  • first plane ride to JAPAN!
  • does the cutest little head cock and smiles. kinda coquettish but still sweet and innocent.
  • finally rolling over, mostly from her stomach to her back.


allison said...

i really love reading your weekly updates. it's amazing how quickly she's learning new skills like sticking out her tongue. it sounds so cute. welcome back from japan!

allison said...

wow! look at that head of hair!