birthday bbq

it was my dad's 59th birthday today. (sorry, dad, for divulging your age!) it's crazy to me that he's amazingly close to 60. i guess it's no surprise since i turned 30, but still ...

i'm not sure what it is with age. i totally believe in the "it's just a number" idea; i don't consider myself to be old by any means. in fact, i don't feel 30 and, because i'm so delusional, i don't think i look 30. (a note to people who know me: please keep your mouth shut and allow me to continue being delusional.) isn't it all in the mind? i could get down on myself and think, "gee, i'm 30 and besides popping out two kids i haven't done much with my life." or i can think, "there's still so much time to do so many things in my life." i'm usually a pessimist, but most of the time the latter is how i think.

perhaps it's because i know these people so intimately, but i don't think rupert looks 30 and i don't think my mom and dad look like they're almost 60. i guess i see them through rose-colored glasses.

we had a great little bbq for my dad with some really yummy carne asada. it's totally something my dad would not choose for himself (he's not much into mexican food), but he liked it anyway. and then we had cake, fruit and flan to end the meal. since i was busy taking pictures, my dad had to start singing "happy birthday" to himself before everyone else joined in, which i thought was kinda funny.

anyway, happy birthday dad!

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