happy fourth of july!

happy birthday, america! fourth of july is a fun holiday, isn't it? the barbeques, the beach, the fireworks ... not only is it super festive, but it makes me happy because it's like a pre-birthday bash for me (my birthday is the 5th). lately i can always count on having friends and/or family around for my birthday because we're always together for the fourth of july.

my birthday has always been my favorite holiday (even though it's not a real holiday!) and i try to stretch out the festivities as much as possible. today we went to the beach for the fourth and had dinner with rupert's parents. my mother-in-law baked an adorable july fourth/summer/birthday cake shaped like a sand castle.

and then it was back to our house for hanabi (fireworks). sparklers are my favorite because they bring back memories of my childhood summers in japan. ian also likes sparklers and between the two of us we must've lit at least 25 of them! (notice the three sparklers? one for each decade i've lived so far!)

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myra said...

I love those sparklers they have in Japan that burn up a string. I wish they had those here.

Hope you have a Happy Birthday!