let me clarify that

when ian gets upset about something he often goes into his room for some alone time. we've never had to give him timeout because he always gives himself timeout! lately he's added making signs for his door to his routine of self isolation.

anyway, for some reason something made him upset this morning and he made the above sign for his door. when he came to show me and rupert we took the opportunity to warn him: well, if we can't go into your room you'll just have to put your clean laundry away, turn on your nightlight and open your drapes [both of which are up high so he can't reach], get your toys by yourself, and tuck yourself into bed at night.

after a moment of thought, off he went and came back with some changes ...

lucky us, we're now allowed to go in at night to do his bidding! and why does he always draw me larger than rupert?!


grudge girl said...

Hi lady. I suck. But you and your family are fabulous and beautiful as always.

Please know that I've been out of my mind with this stupid job, and can barely bring myself to touch the computer, or to do anything other than sleep when I'm not working.

I appreciated so much the beautiful card you sent me, and I feel terribly for letting my online friendship with you slip. I miss you, and I wish I could tell you (or anyone) what's been happening inside my brain. It's not pretty, and I have a hard time respecting anything about myself right now. I don't know why it's taken me until now to get up the nerve to visit you. I'm so sorry.

The kids and Andy are fine. You and your kids are insanely gorgeous.

allison said...

Hi Yucaree! This was an absolutely *hilarious* post. What a kid, I tell you...so very clever. Thanks for sharing this, it gave me a really good chuckle.

myra said...

Oh my gosh, that is too funny! What a a very smart son you have!