first loose tooth

last night ian bit his fork and looked at us with an almost horrified look. he complained that his tooth felt weird and when we looked at it it was wiggling. his first loose tooth! it was already quite wiggly, so i don't know if it had been slightly loose and the impact of the fork loosened it more, or if (god forbid) biting down on the fork jostled it loose. in any case, ian spent the rest of dinner moving food around in his mouth, avoiding his loose tooth.

he had a perpetually furrowed brow for the rest of the evening. instead of being excited about his loose tooth, he seemed really concerned. he didn't like the way it felt -- understandable -- and he was either gingerly touching it or leaving his mouth half open. he was even afraid to brush his teeth.

honestly, i got teary-eyed. another milestone that drills into me the reality of my baby growing up.

and ian doesn't seem to be so worried anymore ... he spent today showing off his loose tooth!

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