it fell out!

as i reported last week, ian had his first loose tooth. despite the new sensation bothering him immensely the first night, he's been enjoying wiggling it and showing it off for the last week.

the funniest thing happened on monday: we were having a bbq at my parents' house and they had corn on the cob. ian wanted some, but because the loose tooth was in the front we weren't sure he could eat it off the cob. so my sister suggested we cut it off and reached for a steak knife. ian started frantically saying, "no! no! don't cut it off!!" everyone looked at him like "why not?" i, of course, being his mother, understood right away that he was afraid we were going to cut his tooth out of his mouth so he could eat the corn! i reassured him we were talking about cutting the corn, and not his tooth, and we all had a good laugh (sort of at the expense of ian's fear).

anyway, the tooth fell out last night while my mother-in-law was babysitting. ian said he was gently wiggling it and it came right out. lucky him, the tooth fairy left a dollar for that tiny, first tooth.

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