week 35.

maya @ 35 weeks :: july 7, 2006
  • her 7th tooth is coming in on the bottom.
  • started swimming lessons and seems to enjoy it. although she doesn't particularly like to dunk her face under the water, she'll do it. and her little legs kick in the water and she likes to splash her hands. she's also developed a taste for pool water!
  • talking a lot more now, using various sounds.
  • likes to touch the sand at the beach with her fingers and toes.
  • slept through the night for the first time on my birthday (wednesday)! what a great birthday present. it only lasted two nights.
  • because she's been taking the bottle, we were able to leave her with the grandparents while rupert and i went out on our first date in over 8 months.
  • upgraded to size 3 diapers.
  • she says "mama" when she wants me ... okay, not all the time, but sometimes.

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