this is why cable is dangerous ... but sooooo good

season 3 of project runway started on wednesday -- yay! there's no other show i'd rather watch ... unless it's this one ... or this one (which doesn't get watched anymore because the previous show airs at the same time).

i usually don't like reality tv very much. it's not scripted but it is in a way. it's all in the production and editing, right? i know reality is often stranger than fiction, but some of these shows are so over the top and, because there's oftentimes a lot of money at stake, you end up seeing the ugly side of people, which is disheartening to me.

don't get me wrong, there has been some mean spiritedness and ugliness on prior seasons of project runway. but there's just something about the show and the contestants i attached myself to. i'm definitely drawn to the creative aspect of the show, and i have to admit i pulled out my sewing machine after getting hooked on season 2. (not that i know how to sew clothes; as i've proudly declared before, i can only sew straight lines and there's only so much you can create with straight lines.)

i haven't found the one person i love on the show (on season 2 that would've been daniel v.) but it's only been one episode. however, there are a few who may make it on my list of season 3 villains. you know who they are; they want to be perceived as badass because they're out to win, not make friends. the usual blah blah blah of reality television. on a show like this, though, it almost doesn't matter how mean (or nice) you are. if you can't come up with a good design and execute it, there's no way you can win. and compared to other reality shows it's harder to play psychological games and sabotage the other contestants. all in all it makes for good tv watching, and i won't miss a single episode!


allison said...

oh man oh man. yep, we got rid of cable and that's one show i really miss! the other day, though, the cable guy came and slightly "hinted" to me that i could unscrew this and that and reconnect it to here and there and i'd have all 2-99 channels, bypassing the trap. yeah i played it cool but as soon as the door clicked closed behind him i was hyperventilating behind the t.v. stand trying to get my cable fix. didn't work, though. bummer.

Steliza said...

I have never watched this show until just the other day and I believe I caught the new season premiere episode. They were told to rip apart their living space to create an outfit. I went out to run on the treadmill and figured I would run faster because I was dying to see what was created...but! dumb husband came home and changed the channel so he could watch a baseball game and he canceled TIVO taping this episode. I am sure Project Runway is better than the stinkin' Dodgers! Hubby should have at the very least turned it to a REAL baseball game like the one the Yankees were playing. I will have to have you keep me up to date on this show Y!