week 38.

[no picture with chicky this week because we were out of town. instead, we present you with ian trying to smash maya's head in at andersen's.]

maya @ 38 weeks :: july 28, 2006
  • the heat is really bothering her: she doesn't sleep well and she's developed a heat rash around her neck area.
  • loves to try to stand up. she can pull herself up and stand for a little bit if she's holding onto something/someone.
  • if she sees you eating something she likes to lick your mouth.
  • intently watched her first bellydancer, and then proceeded to move her hands as if she were clanging the finger bells.
  • she has been taking a bottle a day (of non-soy formula), which i think is making her bite me more when she breastfeeds. ouch.
  • she's not sleeping through the night again. the bliss was short-lived.
  • we must remember to keep the gate up. rupert left her in the living room to get dressed for work (i was still sleeping), and decided to check on her. when he came back maya was not where he left her. she had crawled across the room to our office area (which is where we gate off), found a push pin under a bookcase, and was rolling it around in her hand, probably contemplating how it would taste.
  • holds both her arms up over her head and looks up and smiles and talks as if she sees something we don't. kinda spooky.

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allison said...

Wow! I alway say this, too, but I can't believe how fast she is learning new things. (And she and D make a CUTE COUPLE - love the pix. I know, I know, they are not even a year old and we're setting them up already!) :-)