week 37.

maya @ 37 weeks :: july 21, 2006
  • another tooth (#8) is coming in on the bottom left. she's been awfully cranky this week, which i'm attributing to the teething.
  • she had her first taste of watermelon. i couldn't tell if she liked it or disliked it.
  • she seemed to enjoy the sound of music, which we watched at a friend's house (a sing-along party). her eyes were glued to the screen during the songs.
  • her taste buds are getting finicky -- she now makes icky faces at peas and winter squash.


New Teach said...

8 TEETH? Wow. JSC has exactly zero. But i think there might be one on the way...

Steliza said...

Maya just keeps getting cuter. This is a great photo of her Y!

Steliza said...

P.S. Way to go Maya, I agree peas are n-a-s-t-y! You are a girl with good taste!