week 36.

maya @ 36 weeks :: july 14, 2006
  • knows her own name; she'll look up at you when you call her.
  • she started clapping on her own on saturday. at first it was two or three claps, but now she can clap for longer stretches. the first time rupert saw her clap she actually said something akin to, "ya~y!" as she clapped.
  • waves "hi" and "bye" on her own (most of the time). she's even made "bluh-bluh" sounds as she waved.
  • she's mobile! on sunday she started to really get around on her hands and knee (the other knee sticks up). she's not whizzing around just yet, but she can get around the floor in the living room, exploring the dust bunnies and trying to pull things down (her current favorite is pulling out the dvds from the dvd stand).
  • now that she can move, one of her favorite places is under the coffee table. and she's much more content sitting on the floor and occasionally wandering off than being confined in her pack-and-play.
  • because she can stand in her crib using the railing, we had to lower her mattress so she wouldn't topple out. putting her down for her naps when she doesn't want to is more difficult now since she sits right up and oftentimes tries to stand up.
  • besides spitting up (which i still blame on the soy formula), she's also gotten gassy and a bit constipated since she's started taking the bottle daily. i gave her some prunes the other day and she had a bowel movement right away -- ahh, the miracles of prunes!
  • i am noticing more and more that she tries to imitate us. besides vocalization, i can tell she's trying to move her body in certain ways to copy us. for example, during swimming, i spend a good deal of time blowing bubbles. i exaggerate my breathing and blow large, loud bubbles. after she watches me for awhile, maya will also try to dunk her mouth in the water, but she hasn't yet mastered exhaling underwater.
  • she makes these funny "fffffff" sounds as she often dribbles drool (on purpose).

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allison said...

WOW!!! That is so impressive, I can't believe how accomplished she is at 36 weeks old! I'm sure I'm going to be blown away next time I see her.