i make 'em small

yesterday was maya's 9-month check up. i knew she hadn't grown very much since her last appointment three months ago, but i didn't think she was this petite:

weight 15 pounds (+ 9 oz) :: third percentile
height 25.5 inches (+ 0 in) :: fifth percentile
head circumference 42 cm (+ 0.5 cm) :: fifth percentile

ian was much the same in size and weight at this age (as far as i can recall), so i guess our kids are just small. at least they can wear their clothes for a long time!

edited: allison asked about cheerios, which i forgot to mention in this post. i was elated when the doctor gave the go-ahead for cheerios. maya's fine motor skills are pretty good and she can pick up small objects with her thumb and index finger. she also has a pretty good appetite and has been adding some plain table food to her diet (thanks to my mom), like tofu and non-jarred fruit. when rupert gave her some cheerios she started stuffing her face with them; fist-fulls of cheerios were aimed at her mouth but only a few managed to actually get consumed. we thought, "hey, this is great!" but then she proceeded to vomit it all up. not spit up the cheerios, throw it up! we took the cheerios away but she found a few more on the floor, which she ate and proceeded to throw up as well. it's really weird; she's never had this kind of reaction to any food. i'm afraid to try again ... is it possible she's allergic to oats? it also is possible that she swallowed the cheerios without chewing/gumming them. maybe that bothered her stomach?


allison said...

But boy are they smart and so darling! So at the 9-mo. check up, did you also ask your pediatrician if Maya can now start eating Cheerios?! Yay! Cheerios?

allison said...

oh NO! And Cheerios are the stuff of life, too. If she's swallowing them whole, maybe she doesn't know how to chew yet...have you tried teething biscuits? We gave Devin some barley teething biscuits (Earth's Best makes some organic barley ones) and since they are big he couldn't shovel fistfuls into his mouth (like he does now). He learned to gnaw on them slowly. But watch out, they do dissolve into mush very easily so before you know it, there's brown goopy stuff all over their hands and clothes...

But I totally understand that fear of letting her eat Cheerios ever again! :-)

Steliza said...

You not only make 'em small...but you got my hooked on Project Runway too Missy! You owe me 45 minutes every week (to make up for the time I watch this show now after TIVO catches it and I watch and fast forward through the commercials)!