week 41.

maya @ 41 weeks :: august 18, 2006
  • if you ask her "oishii?" (does it taste good?) she sort of nods her head.
  • she is learning how to sit down more gently from a standing position. instead of just letting go, she bends her knees while still holding on and lowers herself before letting go.
  • when she has stuff in her hands that i don't want her to have, i've found that if i ask her nicely "choudai" (please give it to me) she complies without a fuss ... usually.
  • she loves to climb on to things, like boxes, suitcases, and people. some of her current favorite playthings are empty cardboard boxes, bongos, shakey things (like maracas), and newspapers.
  • she likes mangoes.
  • we've had to move things on the coffee table towards the center because she pulls stuff down.
  • she rushes (i.e., crawls super-fast) towards the kitchen when she hears rupert come home from work.
  • finally, she's showing some interest in looking at books, instead of eating them. part of her bedtime ritual includes a book (good night moon read by rupert or a japanese book read by me).

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Steliza said...

pShe is not getting older and a little bit bigger for the little person she is...but oh my goodness she is getting cuter too, how is that possible since she was already so darn cute!