week 40.

maya @ 40 weeks :: august 11, 2006
  • she's learning to sit herself down from a standing position. basically, she's not afraid to let go anymore and falls on her butt (without toppling over). she's also gotten more courageous about letting go. she easily stands while holding on with just one hand and, although she's not cruising yet (thank goodness!), if she's standing between the couch and the coffee table she can start off by facing the couch but steady herself well enough to turn around and face the coffee table.
  • eating tofu, bananas, sweet potatoes
  • cheerios made her throw up.
  • when i'm undressing her she helps me. she pulls her arms out when i hold her sleeves and then she tries to pull the shirt off over her head.
  • nothing new, but she loves loves loves to rip up paper.
  • i'm trying to (once again) wean her off the midnight feeding. giving her water and calmly, and repeatedly, lying her down in her crib is starting to work ... sort of.
  • don't know where she learned it but she strums her lips in that "bluh bluh bluh" way.
  • if you make exaggerated kissy noises she'll copy you, and sometimes will try to blow kisses. well, not really blow an actual kiss but she puts her hand on her mouth and waves it out.

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allison said...

wow...she looks like she had a growth spurt or something this week! love the photo -- "high five!"

I think she's gonna start walking before she turns one, too.