proof that she's a lil peanut

that's maya between baby T (on the left) and baby L (on the right). they all look to be about the same height (length), right? baby T is 26 inches, maya is 25.5 inches, and baby L is 25 inches. that's all fine and dandy, except that baby T is 6 months and baby L is 4 months; maya is, by far, the oldest and she's barely bigger than either of them!

also, from left to right, it's cute to see that they're lined up in order of pudginess too. :)

[@ baby T's house for an impromptu playdate after a wwam lunch]


Krimey said...

Maya looks like a big girl in this picture! But I'm sure part of the reason she's got such advanced motor skills is because she doesn't have a huge body to lug around. That Maya's a lucky girl alright! :)

allison said...

ADORABLE -- All of them!

AlmostDr.J said...

Tee hee

That was a lot of fun! Tomie would love for everyone to come visit again. Maybe she can learn from Maya how to move around. Although, I'm afraid to say that Tomie's head may prevent her from moving anytime soon. Poor baby.