this could be a record

guess what? today is my blog birthday. yup, one year since i started this thing. and i didn't think i would last longer than three days! honestly, i am flabbergasted that i actually managed to continue something for more than nine months. since graduating from college the only things i've managed to do for longer than nine months is stay married and care for my kids.

a year ago i was obsessed with decluttering and trying to get the house ready before the baby (i.e., maya) was born. i said:

so, the unoriginal idea for now is to write a sbing (i.e., scrapbooking) and i'm-pregnant-and-i-have-a-soon-to-be-kindergartener blog with an emphasis on half-ass parenting & housekeeping.
i think i've pretty much stuck to my original plan, but for some reason i feel like i'm veering towards "boring blog." i'm not sure why anyone would be interested in reading about my kids and looking at the occasional scrapbook layout i make. i'm torn between finding the balance of writing for myself and writing for outside readers. reading back on entries from last fall i'm really glad i documented the milestones and the everyday happenings of our family. i've actually forgotten quite a bit already. at the same time i don't know if i've improved my writing style or found my voice.

i have to keep writing. there's still so much to say, so much to share, so much to realize. i'm happy i took the plunge into the blogosphere. now that i've passed the one-year mark i feel like this isn't just a passing obsession, but a real part of my life. another aspect of my creative side. something to be nurtured and worked on.

so, bear with my folks. i'm gonna keep writing. whether it'll be good or bad, i can't say (hopefully good). all i know is that my grammar is getting poorer, my writing more choppy, and my mind increasingly all over the place. but that's just who i am, and the longer i write the more of my inner self will be reveiled.


Northern_Girl said...

Happy Blogiversary...or Bloggy Birthday...or something. :)

allison said...

Keep on writin' it, girl! I love reading it, even if you write for yourself.

Krimey said...

If you suspect no one would be interested in reading your so-called "boring blog," you're really underestimating how uninteresting other people's lives are Yukari. :P

Keep it up & thanks for introducing me to your blog. It is quite entertaining, contrary to what you might think!

See you & Maya tomorrow in class