week 42.

maya @ 42 weeks :: august 25, 2006
  • when she's in a sitting position she likes to topple over on purpose. but, smart girl that she is, she only does it when she's on a soft surface.
  • besides cheerios, baby food with oatmeal in it also makes her spit up. i wonder if she isn't digesting oat very well??
  • she says, "mama" when she wants solids or wants me.
  • she enjoys trips to the local wading pool at the park. she splashes and (no surprise) scoops water into her mouth, and also crawls towards the deeper part of the pool.
  • this has continued from day one, but the girl just doesn't like to sleep.
  • she tries to play catch: i roll her a ball, she picks it up and throws it. not necessarily to me, but she throws it nonetheless.
  • she pretends to hand you stuff but then she pulls her hand back. psych!
  • she's cruising around the couch and coffee table.
  • she likes to bang her head on stuff.
  • her poop is harder ... and stinkier! it appears she may not be getting enough water.
  • unlike her brother, she is not really bothered by the vacuum cleaner.

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allison said...

wow, i can't believe she's cruising around the couch and coffee table already! and don't you love how "mama" becomes the catch-all word when they want something?