week 39.

maya @ 39 weeks :: august 4, 2006
  • went to her first wedding in los gatos.
  • ate peach for the first time; she bit it right off the actual fruit.
  • long car rides give her diaper rash. bad diaper rash.
  • likes the gap commercial for their line of jeans. she'll even dance to the music.
  • can't get enough of standing up ... it would help, though, if she knew how to sit herself back down! she still has to hold on to something when she stands up, but she lets go of one hand and even lifts up one leg. why? i don't know.

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allison said...

Yucaree, I just looked back on Maya's weekly pix (all the way back to Week 19 before Davis came home with dinner and I bolted from my computer to stuff my face). I really have enjoyed looking at the photos weekly, but upon looking back on them in one sitting, it is so evident how she's grown, and I LOVE all of her expressions - she is a very smiley baby!