studio jjk fan club

one of my favorite children's authors/illustrators is jarrett j krosoczka; i adore his illustrations and use of paints. he has a great website where i got the iron ons for these shirts i made for me and rupert. the front of rupert's shirt has little pics of the animals from the book.

viva punk farm!

and since we're a family that does everything together, i made maya a giddy up, cowgirl! onesie, which is still a bit too large for her to wear.

ian is a walking advertisement for jarrett's new book, my buddy, slug, which comes out in september. be sure to buy it!


jjk said...

that is amazing!

i am COMPLETELY honored!!!

GMD said...

You are absolutely right!! Jarrett is amazing! I love everyone of his books. They all have such a great message!

allison said...

that is so cool! i will have to check out some of his books now.

Steliza said...

Y how cool are you and the comments for this post!