i'm scared

maya has been sleeping a lot in the last 36 hours or so. i'm seriously frightened because she has never slept this much in such a short amount of time in her entire 5 months of being. she's already had like four naps today. four! and she only woke up once last night for a feeding. there were a few times we heard her cry but she managed to get herself back to sleep again.

i'm afraid to get excited about this just yet. could it be an effect of her immunization shots yesterday? or maybe now that she's hit the 5-month mark she's settling down? whatever it is, i am holding my breath and pleading to the powers above (all of them) that this will continue.

please plead along with me!


allison said...

i'm pleading! i'm PLEADING! PLEASE! PLEASE! :-)

grudge girl said...

Totally the shots. And/or growth spurt. But I lean towards the shots. Charlotte did the same thing. She's just fighting off the illness that sometimes accompanies the immunizations.

She's fine. So fine. Absolutely, totally fine.

yucaree said...

GG, you were right, it was the shots that made her sleep all day tuesday and be cranky (and not sleep) all day wednesday! i wonder if this'll happen every time? it didn't with her first round of shots ... she has her third round in about 6 weeks. i will definitely have to keep the tylenol close at hand.

allison, thanks for pleading! i'm still pleading that someday she will sleep through the night.

allison said...

hey yucaree! devin did the same thing. the first round you wouldn't have guessed anything happened. the second time, though, he slept all that day and then was cranky the following day. hm, i never made the connection that he was probably cranky because he'd slept so much the previous day. you are brilliant!

the third round of shots, he did the same thing, too, and i gave tylenol the following day at the suggestion of my neighbor's mom, who has raised four kids. he was a little better that time around.

hang in there, she *will* sleep though the night. it's bound to happen!