week 22.

maya @ 22 weeks :: april 7, 2006
  • when she's in a sitting position she'll play with her toes.
  • at her belated 4-month check-up (she was one day short of five months) she weighed 13 pounds 13 ounces and measured 24.5 inches. we also got the go-ahead to start feeding her cereal.
  • her second batch of immunizations made her sleep almost the whole next day and be cranky the day after.
  • she ate rice cereal for the first time on thursday (4.6.06).
  • she can roll completely over on to her side, but she still can't manage that last push all the way over.
  • she seemed really interested in rain falling on my umbrella.
  • she will lunge out of anyone's arms to get to booby.
  • she's really attuned to noises lately; if she hears anything she whips her head around in that direction.
  • she is nowhere near crawling, but she can inchworm around her crib. she gets up on her forearms and knees, raising up her torso and somehow scooches herself foreward.
  • enjoys tearing up paper and eating it.


allison said...

wow, i can't believe that she's scooching around already. she's got so much personality in her photos too!

grudge girl said...

She looks like such a young lady in that picture! I feel so lucky to be able to watch her grow.