mini celebrity sighting

last night we went out to eat (again) for rupert's dad's birthday. and who should be sitting at the table next to ours but andrae from season 2 of 'project runway'! i knew he was from la and went to art school near my house, but i didn't expect to see him in my neighborhood.

rupert wanted me to introduce myself and say how i was a fan (and how i pulled out my sewing machine after watching the show), but i didn't want to bother him during his meal. (in la, it's kind of a given that you don't bother celebrities, no matter how minor a celebrity they are.) it seemed like he was there with a client because after their meal he pulled out a portfolio, some designs and fabric swatches.

according to rupert, who was hovering in their general direction, they shared a chocolate lava cake (after the client finished off a lobster) and andrae takes his coffee regular.

rupert also could not stop doing his tim impersonation of "where's andrae?" a la santino.


allison said...

i am so bad at recognizing celebrities. i've lived in LA for seven years now, and have not once recognized someone - when i do, it's only because someone else had to point them out. and list out a CV of TV shows and movies for me to remember who they are. i'd love to see rupert's impersonation sometime!

grudge girl said...

Oh my gosh! Andrae is such a sweetie! I just know he totally would've been fine if you'd said something, but I applaud your LAian restraint.

And lobster, too! HEE!!!

I think I would've had to take a smooth and suave stroll by the table on the way to the restroom as soon as I saw him pull out a portfolio. Seriously.

yucaree said...

i haven't seen too many celebs lately, but when we lived up near you, allison, we would see them on and off. rupert saw harrison ford and calista flockhart at the park near the federal building playing with calista's kid. rupert tried to nudge ian over to their kid to no avail!

GG, this post was basically for you. during dinner rupert said, "you have to blog this for grudge girl!" i guess he is paying attention -- hee!