they hook 'em in young

our next door neighbors invited us to go see some military stuff at a jrotc drill competition. they had helicopters and tanks and trucks the kids (and adults) could get in.

now, i'm not a particular fan of the military but i could definitely see how all of this stuff is attractive to little (and big) kids. i was pretty interested in it all too.

ian enjoyed playing around in the tanks and pretending to drive a real humvee. at the end of the afternoon we watched the helicopters take off, which is quite loud but pretty amazing.


allison said...

yeah, i'm with you, yucaree! i'm not into military, with all their heavy spending when we've got failing school systems and so many americans without healthcare, but...it's also pretty amazing what they can BUILD!

grudge girl said...

I have to suppress a yawn. Only because my dad's a former air force guy, and a private flight instructor on little planes like Cessnas, and I was taken to a MILLION and ONE boring, BOILINGLY HOT "Air Shows" as a kid and he would never ever buy us a Coke we just had to sweat and use port-o-potties all day.

What has piqued my interest, however, is that Ghee Happy Little India link I just this minute noticed over there in your side bar and HOO BOY that just opened a whole can of fascination worms for me! So thanks for that!

p.s. I'm glad y'all had a good time. Heavy machinery, yay!

yucaree said...

i can see how this could get boring if you went to so many as a youngster. our neighbors who took us go every year, but i'm not sure we'll be doing that. it's cool 'cause you do it, like, once!

the kids really loved the tanks, which although huge, are tiny on the inside. i don't know how they fit so many adult males into them when they're made for kindergarten-sized kids! and can you imagine the heat and smell? yuck!

yucaree said...

GG, isn't that ghee happy book adorable?! i am so so tempted to get it!