she's a beaut, ain't she?

rupert generously shared his sickly germs with the children so we are currently a household going through kleenex like crazy. since maya can't blow her nose, she good-naturedly allows me to suck snot out of her nose with the bulb syringe. she does this funny little thing where she closes her lips and sticks out her jaw a little while snot is being suctioned away. but it must make her feel better because afterwards she usually gives me a smile.

anyway, i thought i would share a story a friend told me to explain why i am perfectly healthy while the other three are dripping all over the place. according to this news story he heard, mothers retain some of their children's cells after giving birth. these cells stay in the mother's body for years and years and years. the prevailing theory about why the children's cells stay behind is to protect the mother from illness. a study gave the example of a mother of five children with cancer; the cancer cells in her body were being attacked by five different kinds of cells -- those of her children. isn't that crazy? while it's amazing that we're protected in this way, how cruel is nature not to allow us a break even to get sick every once in awhile so other people can take care of us?


hellomelissa said...

that picture is awesomely gross. on the japan trip... when things are going bad, my mom taught me a mantra: "this too shall pass, this too shall pass..." it's helped me through some car trips, sleepless nights, grocery store tantrums, and children who didn't want to be buckled into their carseats. really, good luck, and try to enjoy every bit you can.

grudge girl said...