week 23.

maya @ 23 weeks :: april 14, 2006
  • she caught a cold from her dad.
  • eating my hair is a favorite pasttime.
  • can go longer between feedings in the morning (four hours +) and wakes up two times at night.
  • her sleeping is getting better; she'll actually nap in the morning and afternoon without much fuss!
  • delights in being near her brother; it brings a giant smile to her face.
  • being licked by rupert's parents' dog (lucy) totally cracks her up.
  • we may be imagining things but it seems like she tries to wave when her great-grandma waves to her.
  • if you sit her up between your legs she can sit on her own for a tiny bit without leaning on you.
  • will actually fall asleep in the car.
  • thinks she's hysterical when she makes screechy, high-pitched squeals.
  • knows what she wants and isn't afraid to let you know. for example, we were at a chinese restaurant and she wanted to chew on the chopstick wrapper. when we gave her a toy instead, she looked longingly at the wrapper on the table and, after awhile, screamed until she got it.
  • when she's in your arms or sitting in your lap she likes to flop over on purpose.

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Steliza said...

Amazing journaling job here! It is so fun to read and feel like I get to see Maya grow right in front of me. Happy 23rd week Maya!